Relief Veterinarians

Relief Veterinarians

Dr. Ariana Anderson
Practice Area: Small Animal
Specialty: General Medicine
T | 206.715.7417
E |
Location: Primarily Southeast AK and Anchorage


Dr. Leanne Bell
Practice Area: Health Certs, DEA
T | 907-712-4174
E |
Location: Anchorage, Fairbanks


Dr. Emily Clinton
Practice Type: Small animal ER and GP
E |
Location: Matsu, Anchorage


Dr. Mary Ann Hollick
Practice Area: Small Animal
T | 907.862.1957
E |
Location: Anchorage

Dr. James Morris
Practice Area: Small Animal
T | 425-599-9626
E |
Location: Alaska and/or Washington


Dr. Claudio E. Lagoa
Practice Area: Small Animal General Practice; Emergency/Critical Care
T | 267.772.9338
E |
Location: Statewide


Dr. Brandon Landry
Area: Anchorage; Matsu Valley
Specialty: General Practice
T | 225.315.5858
E |

Dr. Greg Pietsch
Practice Area: Small Animal, Ultrasound, General Practice
T | 907-987-9269
E |
Location: Fairbanks


Dr. James R. Thorsen
Practice Area: Small Animal GP
T | 706.587.9842
E |


Dr. Ciara Vollaro
Salty Veterinary Services
Area: Based in MatSu, willing to travel
Specialty: Small Animal Emergency/Critical Care, Small Animal General Practice
T | 907.792.9464
E |