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Veterinary medicine is a cause worth advancing

The AKVMA is the only entity in Alaska that advocates for Alaskan veterinarians. Your membership gives our profession a voice.

Do You Know Your Legislators?

The Legislative Branch is responsible for enacting the laws of the State of Alaska and appropriating the money necessary to operate the government. Alaska has a bicameral Legislature composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House of Representatives is composed of 40 members elected from 40 election districts for two year terms. The Senate has 20 members elected from 20 senate districts for four year terms, with one half of the membership standing for election every two years. House election districts are determined on the basis of population and shall be "contiguous and compact territory containing nearly as possible a relatively integrated socioeconomic area". A Senate election district is composed of two contiguous house districts, if possible.

Legislative Updates

AKVMA's legislative team is your exclusive advocate at the state level serving as the voice of the veterinary community in Alaska. With the guidance and direction of the AKVMA board of directors, the legislative team monitors, supports and opposes legislation that impacts Alaska's veterinary community and profession. AKVMA is also proactive to respond to proposed regulations and regulatory changes that affect veterinarians.

State Advocacy

There are several ways to make your concerns known to your legislators; testify at the legislature, or talk to your legislators.

Federal Advocacy

The American Veterinary Medical Association represents the interests of veterinarians through strategically targeted advocacy in Congress, with regulatory agencies, and before the courts. The AVMA works as a trusted partner to complement the advocacy of the AKVMA.

Legislative FAQs

Each legislature has a duration of two years and consists of a “First Regular Session” that meets in odd-numbered years, a “Second Regular Session” that meets in even-numbered years and any special session that the governor or legislature calls. The 2024 session (the second regular session) began January 16.

All bills are listed on the Alaska State Legislature website in the bills and laws section.


SMS Bill Tracking

Text a bill number (ex: HB1) to 559-245-2529 to enroll in text alerts. You will receive an enrollment confirmation and instructions on how to stop receiving the alerts.

The testimony opportunities are updated and listed here.