The wellbeing of veterinary professionals is one of the most important issues facing our profession. Improving wellbeing is a shared responsibility that requires a committed effort by all members of our community. Practice teams, business owners, veterinary colleges, organizations, and individuals all have important roles to play.

We’re All In This Together


NEW! Mental Health Resources

Podcasts, resources and more! This new website was created by Mars Veterinary Health and contains helpful tools and information for managing one’s emotional and mental health. This toolkit of valuable information and resources is designed to help lighten the load, help you prioritize self-care and show you that there is always somebody listening.

Healthcare Professional Burnout, Depression and Suicide Prevention


Placing a priority on mental health enables healthcare professionals to better take care of themselves and their patients.


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

AVMA Resources

Veterinarians face singular challenges in their jobs, and the rates of suicide and depression are unusually high among U.S. veterinarians.  It’s critical that we take steps to care for our emotional and mental health.


AVMA Wellbeing Resources

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