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12/9/16 – Update from Robert F Gerlach, VMD, Office of the State Veterinarian , Alaska:
 Extra label medicated feeds/water for minor species

Before you read the title of the announcement below and say, “VFD doesn’t apply to me, I don’t work on livestock” or “What is VFD?”.   If you treat any of the following species sheep/goats/deer/fish/bees or any species thing other food producing animals

You should read the announcement below.

 FDA Guidance Changes Impacting the New ‘Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD)

 FDA has revised & published (December 5, 2016) its compliance policy guide regardingextralabel use of medicated feeds. The changes listed under Compliance Policy Guide615.115 (also referred to as CPG 615.115) modifies FDA’s compliance guidelines for the newVFD which begins January 1, 2017. The extralabel medicated feed use changes affectMINOR animal species, only.

 What is a minor animal species?

 As described in CPG 615.115,  MINOR animal species are all animal species EXCEPT cattle,horses, swine, chickens, turkeys, dogs & cats (which are classified as MAJOR animalspecies).

 As an example, animals such as sheep, goats, deer, fish, bees and others, are consideredMINOR animal species and are impacted by the updated compliance policy guidance615.115.

Broadly speaking, what is CPG 615.115 saying?

“…. when there are no approved treatment options available and the health of animals isthreatened, and suffering or death would result from failure to treat the affected animals,extralabel use of medicated feed may be considered for treatment of MINOR species.”

For additional information & specifics about FDA’s guidance changes (CPG 615.115) that willimpact the new VFD with respect to extralabel use of medicated feed in MINOR species,please follow the hyperlink below.

FDA Revises CPG on Extralabel Use of Medicated Feeds for Minor Species

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