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The AVMA is in regular contact with federal agencies, such as the CDC, FDA, and USDA; other state, national, and international veterinary and public health expert groups; intergovernmental organizations such as the WHO and OIE; lawmakers, and others.



Updated CDC COVID-19 Guidelines for Veterinary Facilities Is Expected Soon


AVMA has informed AKVMA that the CDC is currently working on updated guidelines for veterinary facilities. Once AKVMA is made aware of the guidelines they will be emailed to AKVMA members.


When asked, what veterinary clinics should do until the new guidance is available, CDC stated: Veterinary clinics should follow the masking guidance for the general public. While veterinarians are considered clinicians, the settings in which they work are not used to treat humans with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, and instances of  animal-to-human transmission appear to be very rare. Veterinary clinics should consider local transmission and vaccination rates when creating clinic policies for PPE use and interactions with clients.


The following guidance is among that available from the CDC:
CDC Covid-19 Updates 
When You’ve Been Fully Vaccinated
Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People
Guidance for Unvaccinated People: How to Protect Yourself and Others
Science Brief: COVID-19 and Vaccinations (Background Rationale)

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