2017 Speaker Notes

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Dr. Marty BeckerFree Free Practice –  ApplesandOranges1 , fear_free_customer_service_overview , NOTESApplesandOranges , NOTESThrive , NOTESTopTen

Dr. Kathy Engler – Endocrinology – Managing and Treating Canine Hyperadrenocorticism , Managing and Treating Canine Hypoadroncorticism

Dr. Robert Fulton – Ultrasound lecture and lab – AandP Alaska , Basic Ultrasound Alaska , FAST slide handout

Dr. Diane Marshall – Pet Food Labels & Communication – Pet Food and Communication notes

Dr. Vaughan Seed – Anatomy lecture and lab – AK-VMA Clinical Anatomy for Veterinary Technicians and Health Professionals

Dr. Jane Wardrop – Transfusion Medicine (veterinarians) – Alaska 2017-TRANSFUSION OF PLASMA PRODUCTS , Alaska Meeting 2017 Cases October 2017 TR-2 , TRANSFUSION OF PLATELET PRODUCTS , TRANSFUSION OF RED BLOOD CELL PRODUCTS-no outline

Dr. Jane Wardrop – Transfusion Medicine (technicians) – Blood collection-2017 Alaska , BLOOD DONORS AND CROSSMATCHING- Q and A , BUILDING YOUR BLOOD DONOR PROGRAM , xmatch-2017 Alaska meeting

Dr. Sandy Willis – Hematology lab and lecture/Clinical Pathology – Clinical Pathology Alaska , Hematology and Medicine Wetlab 2017 Handout